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Nacelles. Past and Present of Aeronautics and Space

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1The journal Nacelles. Past and Present of Aeronautics and Space was created to bring together interdisciplinary research in the humanities and social sciences on aviation, aircraft construction and space over the longue durée, from the first flight experiments in the eighteenth century to the present. We wanted to provide a forum for historians, geographers, economists, managers, sociologists, and others who study anything flight-related in a historical perspective over time, but without limiting the journal to methods and analyses developed by historians.

2This review is aimed at researchers and specialists as well as anyone interested in the subjects studied. Thus, authors are asked to write in a way that is accessible to an audience of non-specialists, while of course maintaining the standards of excellent academic research. The articles submitted are carefully peer reviewed by members of the Editorial Board and, depending on the subjects, are reviewed by the members of the Scientific Committee using a double-blind procedure. Since Nacelles seeks to expand collaboration and sharing approaches among researchers and thus to provide an international forum, submissions are accepted in French and English.

3The journal is published twice a year and supported by the CNRS-FRAMESPA and the SMS Laboratoire d’excellence. Each issue may contain a group of articles around a certain theme, reports of scholarly events, book reviews, summaries of recent Master's theses, presentations of sources, or any other topic of interest to aerospace research. It is published by the Presses Universitaires du Midi (PUM). Submissions must follow certain rules and formats that are described in the Instructions for Authors. In addition, as the journal is published in digital format, we accept photographs, videos or other media that serve to illustrate research.

4While the primary purpose of this journal is to analyse the continuities, changes and developments in aeronautics and space over time, it also seeks to promote the work of established and junior researchers to support the emergence of an interdisciplinary research cluster of excellence. For this reason, the journal privileges economic, social and cultural aspects as well as work on the people involved in building, operating, or managing this industry at the local, national and international scales.

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