l'aéronautique, le spatial, les choses de l'air et du vide, et leurs environnements au prise des SHS


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The scholarly journal Nacelles. Past and Present of Aeronautics and Space. seeks to bring together interdisciplinary research in the humanities and social sciences in the field of aviation, aeronautics, the space industry and other subjects related to the “conquest of the sky” from the eighteenth century’s first flight experiments to the present day. We publish research from historians, geographers, economists, managers, sociologists, and other fields who study flight and its objects in a historical perspective, without, however, requiring traditional historical methods or theoretical frameworks.

This journal welcomes submissions from researchers and specialists in the field, but also any other person with a scholarly interest in these subjects. Authors are therefore requested to write in such a way as to be understandable for non-specialists while remaining rigorous academic standards. Article submission must be have solid scholarly and critical foundations; they will be attentively studied by the Executive Board, composed of members of the Editorial Board, and sometimes including members of the Academic Board if the object of study calls for specific expertise, within the procedure of double-blind peer-reviewing. In order to promote international collaboration and exchange, Nacelles accepts submissions in both French and English.

Nacelles is a bi-annual review supported by the research centre FRAMESPA, LEREPS (Toulouse) and the Labex SMS, and published by the Presses Universitaires du Midi. Each issue consists of a thematic section, reports from academic conferences, book and dissertation reviews, source and historical document reviews or any other text which may be of interest for the field of aeronautics and the space industry. Submitted articles must follow the specific requirements as described in the author guidelines. Moreover, as an electronic journal, the review accepts any pictures, videos or media that illustrate the articles.

The primary mission of the journal is to analyse the constants, the transformations, and historical changes in the social field of aeronautics and space. Another practical goal is to highlight the works of both experienced and younger scholars, in order to support the emergence of a strong interdisciplinary cluster. It is for this reason that the journal offers a broad space for economic, social and cultural aspects, as well as to participants and witnesses who played a part in the construction, the operation, and the management of this sector whether locally, nationally or internationally. The journal Nacelles. Past and Present of Aeronautics and Space seeks to substantially renew our knowledge in the field by bringing together a variety of studies and initiatives to enhance new research agendas.


Thematic dossier and varia: Articles will be signed by the authors and must be have a strong scholarly basis and critical apparatus. Research articles will be no more than 12,000 words. Authors may also submit a proposal for an entire thematic issue (in this case, please contact the editorial board). A thematic section includes at least four research articles from four different authors, with an introduction written in both French and English.

Sources, participants, records: this section is dedicated to interviews, transcriptions from witnesses and stakeholders in the field of aeronautics and space industry, or to the presentation of original and important historical sources. These texts must have a short context description and a maximum of 8000 words.

Book reviews: Reviews may not exceed 3,000 words and must not have been published elsewhere. They may refer to any book related to the academic fields of the journal. They have the cover image of the reviewed book.

Master’s thesis and Ph.D. dissertation reviews: They consist of summaries of works defended in any country in the course of the 5 previous years. They may not exceed 2,000 words for master’s thesis reviews and 3,000 words for dissertation reviews.

Academic conference reports: These texts present results of research presented at scientific symposiums or conferences, and have a maximum of 3,000 words.

Other: If you wish to propose other projects, please contact the Editorial Board